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Welcome to my online virtual community! A place for healing practitioners and every day people who share the same goal: to be in the optimum health.

We are a group that loves natural remedies: superfoods, essential oils, herbal medicines, uplifting spiritual practices and a positive mindset.

Rejuvenation of the body is possible at any stage of life.

Whether you have a health challenge  or you're healthy and just want more tools and tips, everyone is welcome. I can't wait to share recipes and ideas with you.

Come on in to my kitchen and alchemical laboratory and lets get started!

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What do I get by Joining Dr. Matea's Inner Circle?

Weekly, live class with Dr. Matea Wed 6pm-8pm PST

I share all my best strategies for optimal health. All sessions are taped so you can watch any time.

Weekly office hours, Monday 12 noon-1pm PST

Drop in if you are having a health challenge or a question.

Access to all my protocols and digital products

which include sound healing tracks, recipes, ideas and inspirations.

Access to my private members area

Network, share, receive support from other like-minded people.

Participate in my optional weekly challenge

Get access to exclusive products which I personally formulate and other special offers that are not on my website.

Get 30% off all supplements on my favorite online

pharmacy. Insure you are getting the highest quality. This can save you hundreds of dollars.

Weekly Live Class

I'll be doing a live class once a week. Wednesdays at 6pm PST. You'll be able to ask questions and interact. Don't worry if you can't attend live, all classes will be taped so you can view any time. I will be teaching based on questions asked and what subjects people most want to learn. The focus will be on nutrition, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.


I'll be sharing stories of healing about people who have defied the odds, transformed themselves and are an inspiration to us all. Amazing transformation in your life is possible. If you transform your thoughts and attitude, your whole world evolves. Mastery occurs when you take control over your mindset.

Useful Resources

As a member, you will have access to all of my informational products and sound healing music. I'm creating a library of healing protocols for a wide variety of conditions. My goal is to have a resource area that you can refer to when needed.



Weekly Office Hours

Every Monday at noon I will be having live office hours. If you have a personal question or need help you can connect and I'll be there to assist.

Product Discounts

As a member you will receive a 30% discount off of nutritional supplements from my favorite online pharmacy. This can save you a lot off of your monthly budget. They only carry the highest quality.

Private Members Area

You will have access to our private membership community. You can network, share with others and meet new people. This will be on the Kajabi platform, free from ads.

Dr Matea has a rare gift of healing. Her formulations are intuitively created and very effective. Her background in biochemistry and training as a naturopathic doctor makes her well rounded in both science and spirituality. She is talented intuitive and has a lot to offer and teach.

Doris Rapp. MD

Pioneer in Holistic Medicine

NY Times Best-Selling Author

I love Dr. Matea's essential oils. I told her I'm ruined, that I don't want to use any other products after using hers. They are the best quality. She really has a gift of formulating.

Dr Allison Givens

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Matea has transformed my life. I've been working with her for four years and l've completely changed my diet. I'm thrilled to have lost three dress sizes and have more energy.
l've taken her classes and got the master aromatherapy kit. I feel more safe having natural remedies and knowing how to use them whenever my family has a health issue. Her products and protocols really work. I've sent many people to her. I trust her to take care of all of my family members.

Gaby Ruiz


I have been using Dr. Matea's essential oils with my patients and love her formulations. I've fount them to be very effective. I love her Archangel Micheal Spray.

Dr Leah Hollon

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Matea is one of the best neturopathic doctors. Her classes are life-transforming. She will introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities and essential oil secrets. I love her blends.

Marius Michael-George

Visionary Artist

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Building community creates strength and support

Herbs are gifts from nature to keep us healthy and strong

Case Studies

Relating is the best way to understand and get energized about making the change you really want. Dr Matea's courses come with case studies of people who’ve managed to make massive change by following the principles and practices of health. "I've always found case-based learning to me the most fun and rewarding to listen to." Dr. Matea

this is for you if:

You love to learn new things

You have an open mind

You are interested in healing and transformation

You desire to be healthy

You like to be in the drivers seat of your life

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